Project Description

A high-performance headset

The Bodhran headset is designed for demanding gamers seeking high-quality sound.

Drakkar Prime : Enter the gamers’ Valhalla!

The products in the Drakkar Prime product line are specially designed for demanding gamers seeking performance and precision. No matter what type of game like best, with Drakkar Prime accessories, you can compete against the best and win!

High performance and versatility

The Bodhran headset is an over-ear headset featuring 7.1 speakers that are 53mm in diameter to ensure excellent sound spatiality during your gaming sessions. Its omnidirectional microphone allows you to communicate with your team members with comfort and precision. The remote control, attached to the 2.5m long cable, allows you to adjust the volume and mute the microphone or sound. Featuring a dual USB output for PC gaming and a 3.5mm jack for console play, the Bodhran is a universal headset for regular gamers with high standards.

Optimized comfort and noise reduction

The Bodhran headset features ear cups designed for optimal comfort and perfect isolation from ambient noise.

Bold design

While the Vikings were known for their horned helmets, discerning gamers can be identified by the sleek design of the Drakkar Prime accessories.

Drakkar Prime 7.1 Pro Bodhran Headset

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General informations

Title Drakkar Prime 7.1 Pro Bodhran Headset
EAN 3328170274777


Color Black
Cable length 2.5m
Speakers 53mm in diameter
Inline Remote Volume control, mute function of microphone and sound
Sound effect 7.1

Instructions for use

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