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23October 2020

KONIX announces its partnership with PinkGeek

KONIX announces its partnership with Youtuber and Twitch streamer PinkGeek, who enjoys playing Call of Duty and Fortnite. Sébastien RAMS, managing director of Konix, rejoices about this partnership: "we are very happy about this partnership, because PinkGeek evolves in the world of FPS

18September 2020

KONIX on the warpath for the PS5!

At KONIX, we also have presents ready to be shared, as we already have prepared PS5 accessories for our Mythics brand which will easily complete your gaming gear.

15September 2020

KONIX launches its gaming desks!

Gaming chairs, gaming monitors, gaming headsets, gamer’s arsenal is still increasing over the years. It is thus not surprising to see gaming desks making their way into the market.

8September 2020

Which Konix’s gaming monitors will you choose?

We tend to spend more than six hours in front of a screen. For die-hard gamers, it is easy to lose track of time when playing their favorite games. That is why investing on our full HD gaming monitors is a good idea!

18August 2020

KONIX announces its partnership with TheFishou

By signing with TheFishou, the first French streamer on Hearthstone, KONIX is strengthening its position in the esport field and acquires a reputed ambassador. This collab is natural for KONIX, who multiplied its partnership with promising young esport teams for several months.

12August 2020

Find the right KONIX gaming chair for you!

Today’s players spend an average of one hour and 45 minutes a day practicing their hobby, while hardcore gamers tend to spend the double of that said time. That is why gaming chairs have become essential to any player. Not only do gaming chairs provide pleasure while playing, they also contribute to the player’s performances, just as much as a good controller or keyboard.

13February 2020

KONIX increases its presence on the E-sport scene

By joining Warthox, KONIX has chosen to get closer to a French band, based in Paris, with whom we share a common ambition, that of becoming references on the sports scene. This partnership will allow our two entities to engage new fans around common passions such as competition, innovation and ambition.

26November 2019

KONIX sponsors two new esport teams

KONIX is pleased to announce the sponsorship of two new teams in the French Overseas Departments or Regions (DROM): VORTEX C.G.O in the West Indies and Caribbean. The West Indies and the Caribbean have a community of more than 300 000 players that VORTEX C.G.O aims to support, develop and professionalize by providing them with an experienced and professional structure.

21October 2019

KONIX at Paris Games Week 2019!

This year, KONIX welcome you from October, 30th to November, 3rd at Porte de Versailles for the #PGW 10th edition ! October 21, 2019 On the menu this year: Overwatch, Fortnite and FIFA20 tournaments, Viking warriors, French Football Team headsets, Rabbids setting the dance floor on fire, exclusive commercial offers, plenty of [...]

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