Konix is a major player in gaming accessories, offering products perfectly designed to meet the needs and expectations of gamers of all skills.
With more than 30 years of experience, this know-how, recognized in the world of video games, has gradually expanded to include audio and mobility accessories.

Our know-how is based on 3 values:

  • Proximity: we are attentive to users and the Esport teams we support.
  • Reliability: we design high-performance products that are guaranteed for up to 3 years (*)
  • Accessibility: we anticipate the technological evolutions of tomorrow, while remaining accessible to the greatest number of people.

KONIX also caters to pop culture lovers with a wide range of accessories and licensed merchandising products.
Konix is a team of video game and pop culture enthusiasts who develop accessories for gamers with the best quality/price ratio, combining performance, reliability, comfort and aesthetics. Gamers and geeks meet in KONIX!

KONIX in a few dates :

1986 : Launch of the Speed King controller
The Speed King has accompanied a whole generation of gamers on Nintendo™, Atari™ and PC. No. 1 seller until the early 90s, the Speed King already carried the values that still drive us today: performance, robustness, ease of use and accessibility.

2015 : Launch of the Drakkar line of PC gaming accessories.
In less than five years, Drakkar has risen to the number one position in PC accessories and once again demonstrates KONIX’s know-how.

2017 : Launch of the Mythics line, for console gamers
KONIX adapts the principle that has made its success on PC by developing a clear, accessible and essential range of products for console gamers.

2018 : KONIX launches its first licensed accessories with its World of Tanks™ range, and wins in its first year the LIMA 2018 professionnal award for the best digital activation accessories.

2019 : KONIX develops its range of licensed accessories with major partners such as the Fédération Française de Football™ (FFF), Raving Rabbids™ (UbiSoft) and the All Blacks™.

2019 : KONIX creates Drakkar Prime, our ultimate line of PC accessories for the most demanding players, making high performance finally accessible to the general public.

2020 : KONIX creates UNIK: our line of accessories and related products with an adorable stylish unicorn that delights young and old as well !

(*) on Drakkar range
Nintendo™, Atari™, Word of Tanks™, All Blacks™, Raving Rabbids™, and Fédération Française de Football™ are registered trademarks of their respective owners.