From gaming to pop culture

Since the 1980s, Konix has been a key player in video game accessories with well-designed and well-manufactured products that meet the needs and expectations of gamers, beginners and advanced alike.

With more than 30 years of experience, this know-how, recognized in the gaming world, has gradually expanded and has been transposed into the spheres of mobility and audio.

Our know-how is based on our ability to listen to our customers and offer them high-performance, accessible and user-friendly accessories. Our legitimacy also lies in our ability to anticipate the emerging needs brought about by tomorrow’s technological developments.

Born with the advent of video games, KONIX is also and more broadly aimed at pop culture lovers with a wide range of accessories and official licenses based products.

Gamers and geeks meet in KONIX!

Some key dates

1986 > KONIX launches the Speed King controller.

The Speed King has accompanied a whole generation of players on Nintendo and Amstrad. A real commercial success, the Speed King already carried in its seeds the values that still inspire us today: performance, robustness, ease of use and accessibility.

2015 > Launch of the Drakkar brand, accessories for PC players

Aware of the lack of quality PC gaming accessories at an affordable price, KONIX is meeting a previously unsatisfied expectation of gamers with the Drakkar range. In less than five years, Drakkar has risen to first place in PC accessories and has once again crowned the brand’s expertise.

2016 > KONIX creates Fiji, a brand dedicated to mobility and everyday technology

Technological innovations create new uses and expectations for every day life. Thus, KONIX is launching Fiji, its range of mobile accessories: power banks, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, travel adapters, waterproof pouches… Fiji products combine clever features, affordable prices and fun and colourful design.

2017 > KONIX creates Heroes, a label for license-based merchandised products

Known among gamers, KONIX also targets pop culture lovers with its Heroes range, merchandised products in the colours of brands and iconic characters.

2018 > Launch of Mythics, the brand of accessories for console players

Faced with the multiplication of console accessories and the ambivalence of players’ profiles and expectations, KONIX is developing a clear, accessible and evergreen range of products for console players under the Mythic brand name.

2019 > KONIX creates Drakkar Prime: new range of high-end PC accessories

Confirmed by Drakkar’s success, KONIX puts its know-how in the design and manufacture of PC accessories at the service of the most demanding and professional players with Drakkar Prime, which makes high performance finally accessible to the broad public.