Project Description

Valhalla at your fingertips

A gorgeous XXL mouse pad (900 x 460 x 3mm) to decorate your office in Nordic style and provide extra playing comfort.

Journey to Valhalla with Drakkar

Drakkar is the leading product line for PC gamers. More than just simple gaming accessories, Drakkar provides you with precise weapons that are sharp and accessible, helping you defeat your enemies with ease and march to victory! Keyboards, mice, controllers… Discover the line of essential accessories for PC gamers who are looking for the best products at the right price.

A reinforced mouse pad

Smooth, laser-cut edges and reinforced anti-fraying braided trim will keep your mouse pad intact as you play, so you can enjoy it much longer.

Comfort and famous Viking softness combined

The Drakkar Arnafelds XXL mouse pad offers a large playing surface that measures 320mm x 270mm x 3mm The rubber base layer ensures adherence to the desktop, while the microfiber surface helps you to wield your mouse with perfect precision.

On Viking soil

This XXL mouse pad features a striking Nordic illustration, “The World of Drakkar,” to accompany you on your video gaming adventures.

Drakkar Arnafelds XXL Mouse Pad

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General informations

Title Drakkar Arnafelds XXL Mouse Pad
EAN 3328170266765


Color Black, Beige and Brown
Size XXL Yes
Width 900 mm
Length 460 mm
Thickness 3 mm