KONIX announces its partnership with Zash

May 3rd 2021

KONIX announces its partnership Youtuber and Twitch streamer Zash, a coach specialized in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game League of Legends, which consists in defending a base built by the player against two teams of five players. One game usually lasts half an hour.

Specialist of this specific game, Zash has decided to join Konix for a quality partnership in which his talent will be highlighted. This partnership will result in contests, which will be an opportunity for Zash’s community to win our products which are perfectly adapted for their needs when playing League of Legends.

Konix is thrilled to welcome such a high-level specialist of this type of game and hopes to collaborate with other young promising talents such as Zash in the future.

Florian PAPET, Konix’s community manager, is pleased by this new partnership: “we are very happy to begin this partnership with Zash. He offers excellent instructive content in order to improve the players’ skills on League of Legends while paying attention to the structure of his videos which is something rare on Youtube nowadays. We also have a few League of Legends players among our colleagues who were following Zash before starting this partnership, which is even more exciting for us! Beyond that, Zash is also a Twitch streamer who provides a high-quality content while being fun to watch!”

About KONIX:

Konix is a major stakeholder in video game accessories, with a range of highly studied and quality products, able to meet the needs and expectations of gamers, whether they are beginners and initiates. Initially present on PC accessories with its Drakkar™ range, KONIX has extended its offer to the console universe with its MYTHICS range and is developing gaming accessories in the colors of major licenses like sports with the French Football Federation, video games with Sonic The Hedgehog or manga with Naruto.

About Zash:

Zash is a French youtuber and streamer. He began his coaching career on League of Legends as a way of killing time during his job search in order to finance his studies. What first started as a hobby thus quickly became a full-time job. After having taken over 1000 students under his wing, Zash quickly became a renowned coach in this field in France. For the past year, he also started streaming just for the sake of enjoying this game for which is so passionate about, which has allowed him to expand his audience of over 14,000 subscribers on Twitch. During the past few months, Zash has also started a Youtube channel in which he posts unique and instructive videos about League of Legends to his 11,000 subscribers. Interested in esports, graphic design and video editing, Zash does not hesitate to share his knowledge in order to help and captivate his audience.