Project Description

A SWITCH LITE in silicone!

A silicone protection for your SWITCH LITE console.

Mythics quality

The Mythics product line is designed for console gamers. Mythics products focus on three core values that are the heart and soul of the brand: performance, accessibility, and fun. Mythics offers a vast range of products for every playing need, for every type of gamer.

Protection and improved grip

A protective silicone skin to protect your SWITCH LITE from scratches, wear, and dust. It also provides a better grip to keep the console from slipping out of your hands.

Simple and ergonomic installation

The skin can be easily put on and removed for a perfect fit while ensuring you have full access to all of the buttons.

Designed to match the console

A blue silicone skin that matches the console. Also available in Blue and Grey.

Silicone Skin Yellow SWITCH LITE Mythics

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General informations

Title Silicone Skin Yellow SWITCH LITE Mythics
EAN 3328170278201


Color Yellow
Other colours Blue / Grey
Materials Silicone