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The best accessory to perfect your setup

Need a place to store your helmet while keeping it within reach? The Mythics helmet holder is made for you.

Mythics Quality

The Mythics product line is designed for all console gamers. Mythics products combine three values that make the brand so famous and unique: performance, accessibility and user-friendliness. With Mythics, you can benefit from a wide range of products adapted to all types of needs, for all types of gamers.

Optimize your gaming space

If you tend to put your gaming headset on your desk or your couch, our headphone stand will allow you to optimize your space and store your headset on a dedicated area.

Stability guaranteed

Thanks to its non-slip rubber pad located on the arm of the helmet rest, you can attach it to your console without risking to scratch your console. In addition, this surface prevents the headset from falling at the slightest impact, thus improving its comfort of use.

Optimized design

The Mythics PS5 headphone stand features a sturdy, non-slip ABS frame and a sleek finish that matches the PS5’s design perfectly, allowing the headphone stand to remain discreet on your set-up.

Headphone Stand

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Title Headphone Stand
EAN 3328170286909