Project Description

Listen to your music with a Kawai touch!

Listen discreetly to your music with this in-ear headset, but with a kawai touch.

Fun accessories for the whole family

Add a colourful, magical, trendy and joyful touch to your life while enjoying quality gaming accessories with our Unik range.

Enjoy your sound at his top level

These in-ear headphones will allow you to listen to your music on all your devices. These headphones have a wide frequency range from 18Hz to 20k Hz for a perfect transmission of high and low frequencies.

Wired computer/mobil headset

Cable length will let you enjoy your computer or mobil sound thanks to its jacks connexion.

Unique Kawai design

With these in-ear headphones you won’t go unnoticed. If you’re original and looking for a unique Kawaii look, these earphones will be the perfect partner.

Earphones Unik

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