Project Description

Perfect vision for your most decisive battles!

Blue light is part of the light spectrum that has a wavelength between 380 and 500 nanometers. It’s emitted by the sun of course, as well as by artificial light sources: LED lightbulbs, screens (tablets, television, computers, smartphones, etc.) That’s why it’s essential to protect yourself with excellent glasses like the KONIX VEGVISIR.

Drakkar Prime : Enter the gamers’ Valhalla!

The products in the Drakkar Prime product line are specially designed for demanding gamers seeking performance and precision. No matter what type of game like best, with Drakkar Prime accessories, you can compete against the best and win!

Optimal Protection

The VEGVISIR glasses protect you from the harmful effects of the blue light that is emitted by your screens. They are equipped with thin, anti-reflective lenses and provide you with optimal viewing comfort, which is the key to success in all your decisive battles! You’ve already got the eye of the tiger, now you’ll have the eye of a lynx!

Discreet Protection

The VEGVISIR glasses provide you with complete protection, but their lightweight material and their comfortable from will make you forget you’re wearing them–they’ll become an essential part of your warrior gear!

Elegant Protection

The VEGVISIR glasses feature a classic and elegant design. Their simple, sporty shape is designed for Pro Gamers who don’t want to sacrifice style for efficiency.

Konix Drakkar Prime Vegvisir Protective Glasses

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General informations

Title Konix Drakkar Prime Vegvisir Protective Glasses
EAN 3328170274746


Color Black
Glasses Fine and anti-reflective
Design Sober and elegant
Form Gamer pro
Accessories A cover and a cloth

Instructions for use

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