Project Description

Carrying your Switch and more

Carry your Switch console games and accessories with Kawaii backpack !

Unik, fun accessories for the whole family

For all fans of unicorns, Konix has developed the Unik range, small kawaii unicorns designed to accompany you in the Nintendo universe.

A high quality carrying case for your Switch

This zany and durable backpack offers complete storage and transportation for your Nintendo Switch, specially designed pockets for Joy Cons, Dock, cables, games, headphones, pro controller and personal accessories.

Optimal comfort, unparalleled storage capacity

Comfortable foam and soft mesh padding provides maximum lumbar support.

Be original, be yourself

With this cover, you can enjoy your console while giving it a unique touch of magic.

Unik Be Love Backpack

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General informations

Title Unik Be Love Backpack
EAN 3328170286312


Compatibility Switch and Switch Lite
Storage 8 cartridges
Type Double opening