Project Description


Mug: large cylindrical cup with a handle, similar to a mug, that you enjoy collecting. Ex: “In the rabbit family of morons, I would like the rabbits and their favorite shopping cart!”

Affirm your style!

Konix Heroes brings together a whole range of derivative products bearing the effigy of your favourite heroes, morons or not!

Stupid but clever!

Our mugs have a standard capacity of about 320ml, which allows you to enjoy your morning coffee with a pleasure you have never experienced before (yes, yes!). Our mugs are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Not so stupid our mugs, huh?

Standard but unique!

Close your eyes. You are holding a very standard mug in your hands. Don’t get me wrong! Open your eyes. Bwahhhh! Surprise! Surprise! Here you have a Konix Heroes mug who is just waiting to see his boyfriends in the collection that you will certainly build!

To madness. Bwahhh at all!

Find the Rabbids in total admiration and completely “in love” in a design that gives pride of place to love and hearts.

Unicorn mug

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General information

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