Project Description

All the essential accessories for your Switch experience with a unique colorful touch

This starter pack contains a Unik Be Cool protective cover, a 9h tempered glass screen protector and its cleaning wipe, a storage case for your cartridges and a pair of Unik in-ear earphones.

Unik, fun accessories for the whole family

For all fans of unicorns, Konix has developed the Unik range, small kawaii unicorns designed to accompany you in the Nintendo Universe.

Ultra-resistant and irresistible Switch protective cover

The Unicorne Be Cool protective cover is not only cute, it is also extremely shock-resistant and will perfectly protect your Switch wherever you take it. Stay cool your console is safe.

Get the most out of your sound with unique Kawaii design earphones

These in-ear headphones will allow you to listen to your music on all your devices. These headphones have a wide sound reproduction frequency ranging from 18Hz to 20kHz for a perfect transmission of high and low frequencies. With these in-ear earphones you will not go unnoticed. If you are original and looking for a unique Kawaii look, these earphones will be the perfect partner.

Your screen will keep the glow of the first day.

Thanks to the 9h tempered glass included in the pack your screen will be protected against scratches and dust.

Starter Kit Unik

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General informations

Title Starter Kit Unik
EAN 3328170281676


Compatible Switch and Switch Lite
tContent Protective Cover Be Cool, earphones, screen protector and storage box