Project Description

In the predator’s skin

The Snoblade controller was made to enjoy PC games with a controller such as platform games, action-adventure or sport games.

Journey to Valhalla with Drakkar

Drakkar is the leading product line for PC gamers. More than just simple gaming accessories, Drakkar provides you with precise weapons that are sharp and accessible, helping you defeat your enemies with ease and march to victory! Keyboards, mice, controllers… Discover the line of essential accessories for PC gamers who are looking for the best products at the right price.

A versatile controller for PC gamers

Responsiveness, ease of use and distinctive design: that’s what the Snoblade is all about, the perfect controller for all PC gamers looking for arcade thrills.

A comfortable grip

The Snoblade’s ergonomic shape provides a perfect grip for unparalleled playing comfort.

Ready for battle

With its white camouflage design the Snoblade stands out from other PC controllers.

Snoblade Gaming Controller

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General informations

Title Snoblade Gaming Controller
EAN 3328170270762


Color Black and White
Weight 290 g
Width 75 mm
Length 175 mm
Height 245 mm

Instructions for use

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