Project Description

The right Xbox Series X Controller Battery Kit for you!

This high-performance rechargeable battery kit is the essential addition to your Series X controller. This kit contains 2 batteries 2 covers and 2 charging cables of 2m.

Mythics quality

The Mythics product line is for all console gamers. Mythics products combine three values that make the brand’s reputation and uniqueness: performance, accessibility and user-friendliness. With Mythics, benefit from a wide range of products adapted to all types of needs, for all types of gamers.

Simplicity and efficiency for an uninterrupted gaming experience

Simply remove the battery cover on your controller and replace it with this kit for endless hours of gaming on your console.

Fast charging and high capacity batteries

With this battery kit for Xbox X series controllers, you can charge your controllers while playing with a comfortable grip. The battery allows you to charge your controllers in less than two hours.

Rechargeable Battery Kit Xbox Series X

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General Informations

Désignation Rechargeable Battery Kit Xbox Series X
EAN 3328170282192


Contains 2 batteries, 2 lids and 2 charging cables of 2 m

Instructions for use

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