Project Description

The iconic Mythics headset in FFF colors

The Nemesis FFF Black helmet is currently the best value on the market, so be sure to get a product that meets your expectations. Get ready to win with the Nemesis FFF Black, a headset built for demanding players who want to put all the chances on their side.

Mythics quality

The Mythics product line is for all console gamers. Mythics products combine three values that make the brand’s reputation and uniqueness: performance, accessibility and user-friendliness. With Mythics, benefit from a wide range of products adapted to all types of needs and all types of gamers.

Proven sound quality

Get the best sound quality from the 50mm diameter neodymium drivers, including accurate bass and treble reproduction. The large ear cushions in the headphones give you perfect isolation from outside noise.
Designed for Playstation, these headphones are also compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets and all devices with a 3.5 mm jack input.

Design for an optimal gaming comfort

Play without limits thanks to the cushioned hoop that will protect you from head pain.
The Nemesis Camo has a flexible microphone that can adapt to all users.
The high quality cord made of reinforced materials extends the life of the helmet and avoids knots.
The adjustable headband adapts to all morphologies for a perfect fit.

Designed for comfort

Enjoy a helmet combining a design for your comfort and the colors of the FFF.

Nemesis FFF Black Helmet