Project Description

Immersion guaranteed!

Look no further, with the Grendel helmet from the Drakkar range, you get the best value for your money!
Top audio quality, optimal communication, with the Grendel helmet, you’re ready to win!

Write your legend!

Thanks to their ergonomic design and advanced functionalities, Drakkar products are the ideal gaming companions for our casual or professional gamers.
Take a seat aboard Drakkar, choose your equipment and follow the course because Drakkar has not finished surprising you.

Total immersion

Get the edge on your opponents by enjoying 7.1 high-definition sound with the 50mm speakers.
The immersion is total, locate with precision all the noises which surround you.
Communicate with your allies thanks to the omnidirectional microphone with a very accurate rendering and lead your team to victory.

The best fit

The volume control is located directly on the back of the headphones.
For a better fit, the headphones feature a two-piece headband.
The large ear cushions keep you focused at all times and ensure optimal comfort.
Don’t be disturbed by ambient noise anymore, this closed circum-aural model will guarantee you a perfect isolation.

Quality finish

Play in style with backlighting on both sides of the headset and on the microphone.
With a beautiful finish, combining performance and comfort, the Grendel helmet is sure to meet all your requirements.

Gaming headset 7.1 Drakkar Grendel

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General informations

Title Gaming Heaset 7.1 Drakkar Grendel
EAN 3328170270755


Color Black and Red
Weight 650 g
Width 225 mm
Length 280 mm
Height 125 mm
Headset type 7.1 virtual
Speakers 50 mm
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Headset Sensitivity 108 dB
Cable length 1,8 m

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Instructions for use

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