Project Description

Total immersion

Dive into intense playing sessions with these 7.1 headphones and their huge 50mm speakers. They deliver high-quality design and sound so you’ll be able to hear absolutely everything that happens during play. Never miss a sound again!

Drakkar Prime : Enter the gamers’ Valhalla!

The products in the Drakkar Prime product line are specially designed for demanding gamers seeking performance and precision. No matter what type of game like best, with Drakkar Prime accessories, you can compete against the best and win!

A Pro Gaming headset

Over-ear headset with 50mm diameter speakers. Its 7.1 sound effect allows you to activate the vibration feature for a fully immersive experience during gaming sessions . The remote control allows you to adjust the volume, and activate or deactivate the mute function for the omni-directional microphone and sound.

Comfort and noise reduction

Enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to its soft ear pads and a band that automatically adjusts to fit your head. You can easily adjust it using the notches.

Sleek design

Sleek and refined with its imitation leather pads and metal band, the Bukkehorn helmet features a high quality design and construction.

Konix Drakkar Prime 7.1 Bukkehorn Headset

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General informations

Title Konix Drakkar Prime 7.1 Bukkehorn Headset
EAN 3328170274760


Color Black and Red
Cable length 2,5m
Speakers 53mm drivers
Inline Remote Volume control, mute function of microphone and sound
Sound effect 7.1

Instructions for use

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