Project Description

Dual Backlit FFF Headset Holder

Your headset is still lying around somewhere on your desk? You didn’t have enough USB ports available for your peripherals? don’t worry the FFF headset holder is there.

Proud to be blue!

With our FFF range, wear the colors of France while enjoying the quality of Konix gaming accessories.

A dual holder to save space

Take it to the next level with this dual headset holder, compatible with all types of headset it is practical and has many functions, it will complete your pro gamer set up and will save you space.

More than a holder, a hub!

In addition to being able to hang two headsets, this stand is equipped with two USB ports to facilitate the connection of peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and a cable holder on the back to roll up a cable that is too long. It is equipped with rubber feet to remain stable on the desk.

Multicolor LEDs

The stand is backlit on the vertical bar. In addition, the base has adjustable multicolor LEDs (rainbow, blue, green, yellow, red).

Backlit FFF Double Headset Holder

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