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The best PC gaming equipment. For all players, all requirements

In constant search of the latest innovations, our team of experts develops new products with the same high standards: reconciling Performance, Accessibility and User-friendliness.
The products developed by us meet the needs of all players, from the casual (Drakkar range) to the semi-professional e-sport (Drakkar Prime range). We are proud to equip and support several e-sport teams that perform around the world.

Your legend begins here!

Drakkar is THE reference brand for PC gamers. More than just accessories, precise, sharpened and accessible weapons to face your opponents and make victory yours!

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Let’s go to Valhalla!

Drakkar Prime is designed for the most demanding PC gamers. Seize the power of the gods, the warrior’s paradise is within your reach!

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World Of Tanks’ success

A tank is made up of thousands of parts, but the most important is YOU! Konix and Wargaming have partnered to design the accessories that will give you the victory.

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