Konix Speedking

Konix was originally a British company that produced games controllers, with its flagship product: the "Speed King" (Amstrad controller).

Denis Thébaud, our CEO, acquired the brand in the early '90s.

We kept the brand name in order to develop our own gaming and mobility accessories. In 2014, we successfully launched the Konix Drakkar and Konix Simple Care ranges.

Buying KONIX is a cost-effective and smart alternative to buying big brand-name products, and one which combines quality and accessibility. KONIX builds upon the key elements of its portfolio: quality products at the right price, handsome packaging, and collections based on a selection of essential products with a real breadth of range, in an effort to assume a "partner brand" » status for families on a daily basis.





Konix Gaming

  • 4th biggest brand for generalist non-official accessories and 7th for all categories
  • 154,000 units sold
  • 120 brands are presented to the GFK
  • €2.8 million euros turnover in one year
  • Over 4% of the market total for compatible gaming accessory brands
  • An increase of 46% in value compared to 2015



    Bannière Drakkar

    Konix, the creator of gaming console accessories, launched in mid-February 2015 the DRAKKAR product range to fill the gap in the market for quality PC gaming accessories at an affordable price.

    This range is strongly inspired by the medieval/fantasy universe of popular culture, and surfs on the popularity of epic series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings, which aim to educate viewers while at the same time serving up gripping storylines.

    The Konix DRAKKAR range transports players into an environment inspired by Viking warriors.

    The Drakkar products, with their ultra-chic design, incorporate cutting-edge gaming features such as changing the DPI at a click of the mouse, backlit keys (3 changeable colors: red, blue or purple) and recording macros on-the-fly.

    The best value-for-money PC range for Gamers continues to grow!

    • Keyboards
    • PC controllers
    • PC gaming headsets
    • Mouse
    • Mousepad

     Konix High Tech

    • The world of mobility is booming in the fields of smartphones and IoT.
    • Konix develops new ranges of innovative accessories offering great value for money, and proposes an extremely wide-ranging product mix.




    Konix, the accessories creator, launched in late May 2016 its new range of FIJI products: high-quality, fun accessories with exceptional value for money.

    This new range takes its inspiration from tropical isles, with colorful packaging suggesting the promise of a fantastic summer ahead.

    This new FIJI range from Konix is composed of powerbank, Bluetooth speakers, selfie sticks, travel adapters, micro-USB cords, Lightning cord and waterproof pouch. You can take these light and handy accessories with you wherever you may roam! Their striking design and their attractive pricing will win over young and old alike!

    Konix FIJI products incorporate such smart features as the 65 cm stick for a broader field of view, 2000 mAh capacity for the travel battery, portable speakers with LED backlighting, and a highly trendy design and color range.



    Bannière Iceland

    Konix, the accessories creator, launches in September 2016 its new range of ICELAND products: user-friendly office accessories suited to work environments for daily professional use.

    Iceland, the craggy wilderness of ice and fire, offers the promise of escape to an island with snowcapped peaks and untamed volcanoes. Reflecting all this natural force, the ICELAND range takes its design inspiration from pure, geometrical forms and sober colors. This range offers easy-to-use products that are accessible to all. It comprises a wired multimedia keyboard, a wired optical mouse (black and white), and a wireless optical mouse (black and white).

    The Konix Iceland wired professional multimedia keyboard boasts an uncluttered design and keys with medium-size lettering for a pleasant and quiet typing experience, and rugged enough for daily professional use. A set of multimedia and shortcut keys are also available to satisfy your needs and help increase your efficiency and productivity. The keyboard's built-in USB ports let you connect devices such as mouse or USB stick with ease, and extend the capacities of your computer.

    Designed for optimum comfort even in the case of prolonged use, the Konix Iceland optical is the ideal accessory for your desktop PC. Its shape and its size are designed for easy manipulation, and its three buttons, along with the thumbwheel, allow you to toggle with ease between different on-screen projects. Whether at home or in the office, the Konix Iceland optical mouse is the ideal choice in terms of reliability, comfort and user-friendliness.

    La souris optique Konix Iceland est compatible avec tous les systèmes équipés d’un port USB.



     Checking your blood pressure, your temperature, your weight… The era of connected health now offers consumers the possibility of being more attentive to their health needs.

     The KONIX SIMPLE CARE range proposes competitively-priced, high-quality connected objects for tracking your daily well-being:

    -          Smart Scale , uses the principle of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), featuring high-precision sensors, for determining the body's composition (body fat, body water, muscular mass and bone mass, BMI calculation).

    -          Smart Thermo, the infrared ear thermometer, delivers in just a few seconds the body temperature of any family member, and can be used for monitoring precisely the progress of a fever in the event of a family illness.

    -          Smart Tensio, the blood pressure monitor, measures and records as and when required your blood pressure (systolic/diastolic) and heart rate.

    -          The Pulse Oximeter checks the oxygen rate, and measures instantaneously the blood's oxygen saturation and pulse rate.


    What all these devices have in common is that they are multi-user, equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, and operated using the Konix Simple Care app, available for both iOS and Android. The memory function enables personalized health monitoring, and all the data can be exported as an Excel or CSV file (convenient for sharing your results with your GP for your medical records).